Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*Where I left off with the past*

So we finally got to take the little feller home =) We were only in the hospital for a week and it seemed like an eternity- When we finally got to leave the hospital, it felt like I was leaving a jail and I had served my time lol...
I don't remember if I ever mentioned what ended up being wrong with Brody (NICU experience)? It ended up only being acid reflux! So about 90% of the time that he would eat he would spit it back up... I was very paranoid that he would spit up in the middle of the night and choke, so i always put him in arms reach of me when he was asleep... So ya we tried like 5 diff formulas and ended up using the most expensive kind you can buy i think lol... By the time we got to leave the hospital I was feeling pretty good- I was not to sore and was getting around pretty good...

Exactly a month after I had my c-section, I started hurting really bad and was soooo sick... I was sick on and off the day before but the next day I was so sick that I couldn't even hold Brody- I had to call my mom and have her come over bc I couldn't do anything but cry and lay in the bathtub in pain... So my mom came to my rescue as she usually does (shes the best mom ever!!) When she got there she was freaking out, she thought maybe I had an infection or something from my c-section... So we got in the car and I told momma to gas it, I think she hit every single hole in the road possible lol... Its funny now but then it was not to funny...  I was so sick that I would open the door as she was going down the road to throw up and told her not to stop to just gas it! She was seriously going like 95 on the 4lane... Momma dropped me off at the entrance and went to park the car.. When I walked into the ER I have never seen them get somebody back so quick, I didn't even get to fill my paperwork out and they didn't even let me sit down- As soon as I walked in the people that were waiting in line to check in even let me in front of them because they knew it was something serious- So they got me back and into a room so quick I called momma to let her know where I was at and I was kinda moody- guess where she was? She was still at the car trying to get the car seat out of the car lol... She couldn't figure it out bahahah- Well she finally got him out of the car after I was trying to explain it to her in severe pain, talking about being annoyed! The ER is a not so good place for a 1 month old to be in the 1st place but hey what was I suppose to do, I didn't want to be by myself because I didn't know what was going on- I couldn't even point to exactly where I was hurting, it was more of an all over pain- So they finally hooked me up to some good drugs for pain- They done a CT on me and while we was waiting for results the doctor came in and asked where I was hurting now and I was in no pain at all!! Its amazing what a lil IV pain meds can do lol.. SO the CT results come back and it was my appendix! I guess from where I had my c-section when they was putting me back together they messed up my appendix- They took me back quick, emergency surgery..  It couldn't have happened at a better time- I already had met my deductible from my c-section so it couldn't have been more perfect :) Momma took Brody home with her and came back to pick me up the next day- The doctor said my appendix was in there all crazy and behind my intestines so they almost had to open me up again but they finally got to them and that i was going to be really sore because he has to work his way around everything.. I think I was more sore from my appendix than my c-section..

What's next? So then to add to that my dad found out he had stomach cancer.. Chemo & Radiation for quite some time then he had surgery to remove his stomach then chemo and radiation to follow.. I have always been a true believer in "everything happens for a reason"... It brung me back closer to my dad and also brung me back closer to God... Before my mom and dad divorced I was a daddy's girl, then that brung me closer to my mom because I had to be there for her and was no longer as close to my dad... Now daddy is CANCER FREE!! I'm so thankful to be blessed with such amazing parents!!

My time at home with Brody was great but I was soooo ready to go back to work! After being put on bedrest before I had him and then 6 weeks after- It was very hard leaving him- yes I cried on the way to work lol... but the babysitter sent me pics of him and that helped alot! When I picked him up I was sooo excited to see him..
Thats all for now...... More to come......

P.S- Life couldn't get much better =)


  1. I don't like hearing "when they put me back together".... Ugh, scary! On a side note, you do have wonderful parents! I have always loved them :-)


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