Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well here I go.... My 1st blog, Im so excited to do this.. I remember when I used to get on all the time and I would love to blog- I think it is a great way to vent and just let everyone know how ur life is goin and what not... So instead of talking to someone about how life is u can just blog about it and if someone wants to know they can read it instead of talking to someone who doesnt really care about what u have to say =)

So how is my life goin? Life is great!! Alot has happened in the last years- so here is a little about what has went on...

I started xray school Jan '06- I started working as an xray student in Sept 2007 at Murfreesboro Medical Clinic part time- When I graduated xray school in January 2008 I went soon after and passed my xray boards (yayayay so exciting)- Me and 2 other girls from school (Keri & Karen) were so excited we went and got tattoos as soon as we left in Chattanooga!! Funny I know but I cant even begin to tell you how long those 2 years felt like- It was an emotional roller coaster!! I did not think I was ever gonna make it threw- 2 years straight with only having a week off about every 3 months was very stressful driving from woodbury to nashville every single  day 5 days a week... I have to admit, I wanted to quit so bad- if I didnt have my friends and family I never woulda made it threw!!

As soon as I passed my xray boards I started working full time at the Medical Center of Manchester (hospital) and still worked part time at the clinic.. As soon as a full time position was open at the clinic I took it and then only PRN at the hospital... Might I add, clinic work will spoil u and u will never want to work in a hospital again!! I cant even begin to tell u the benefit of working in a clinic as opposed to the hospital setting... Ok yes I can begin but once I got started I dont think I could stop lol.. Mon-fri, 8-5, no portables, no call, harldy ever see a stretcher or wheelchair patient, no ER, no OR, and the list goes on and on!! But neways- I still work at the hospital PRN and take call but only to keep my foot in the door and to have a little extra money, ya know? lol

I never knew how much going to xray school would benefit me until it was over!! I enjoy my job and for the most part the people I work with lol... Just kidding u know I love yall ;) But for serious, I cant imagine doing another job that I would enjoy as much as I do xray... oh ya and CT, what most of yall know it as CAT scans lol... Very thankful that I got to cross train in CT and go take my boards..

I moved into my house prob about June '08- A little house, only 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a 3 stall barn attached, but hey its a start right? Its out in the country and thats what I love about it the most!!

So then 7-7-08, I found out that I was pregnant... Talking about another emotional roller coaster, I did not know what I was going to do.. I felt like everyone in my family was going to disown me and everyone was going to be so disappointed.. I mean take a look at me, I just graduated xray school and got 2 good jobs and got my own house, everything was just going so well and now Im pregnant?!?! I waited a couple day until I told everyone in my family, as I expected everyone was disappointed except my brother..  It didnt take very long for me to start getting a little excited about going to have a baby.. About the time I got excited about going to have a baby, I had an ultrasound and NO heart beat!!! Now what? I just came out and told all my family I was pregnant and now my baby isnt even alive?? Could this be true? Did I really get upset that I was pregnant? I felt horrible that I could of even been mad at myself for being pregnant and now my baby didnt even have a heartbeat!! So then about a week later I had another ultrasound and guess what??? There was a heartbeat- I was so excited at that point!! I wanted to be nothing but pregnant having a baby!! Its so weird looking at back at how that all went down. There was also another sac that looked like the baby was suppose to be a twin?? All i know is that it was meant to be and everything happens for a reason!!

More to come........


  1. Follow us too! I love blogging.

  2. I am so proud of you for finishing school, it is the best thing that you could have done for yourself. You sure worked hard for it. I was happy for you when you found out you were pregnant, not disappointed! I am behind you always. We love Brody (although we were certain he was a she!) Ha

  3. Nice first post! Can't wait to read the rest of it! :)

  4. Awe Ashley, what a sweet story!! You have achieved alot and the most rewarding is being a mother! HOpe you will follow along with me being a MeMe at Welcome to the blog's addicting even if I don't blog as much as I would like to I do enjoy blog hopping!! lol

  5. Sweet Ash, I kmow more about you now. =)

  6. I'm glad you're blogging! Adding you to my list now! :)

  7. That was really good Ashley. I have never seen anything like it.

  8. I love your rollercoaster story! I am glad all the downs were followed by ups. I hope you have many more ups and downs and I hope your stories always end on the up! :)Tina

  9. Mom told me I needed to check out your blog because you started one up. I like hearing about new blogs since I don't have a facebook. You can read mine at Good luck with the new blog. Can't wait to read your "more to come" post.