Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wow it has been a while

Well when i 1st started this whole blog thing I thought it was gonna be a pretty regular thing for me- Once a week or what not...... Well I been slacking a little :( My bad..... I think I enjoy reading other people blogs more than I like typing my own.... Well obviously.... 
Brody is getting so big- He is getting so smart- He is talking more and more every day... He has been with his dad since last friday and I don't get him back until this coming friday at 6pm... I cant even begin to start to tell you how much I have missed that little boy... I feel like it has been a whole month!! 
I know it's bad that I started letting Brody sleep with me again- but I feel like that is our quality time now... When he is ready for bed he will grab his sippy, a couple little 4wheelers, dirt bikes or a tractor and his blankie and say "you ready to go to bed" and starts walking to my room and points to my bed...   :( I cant say no- I know most people say "you HAVE got to put him in his OWN bed"... 
I know it is gonna be really hard for him to start sleeping in his own bed again but I just wanna snuggle with the little guy while I have the opportunity- I just feel like I don't really get to spend much quality time with him and that is "our" time... Ya I guess I cant complain, at least I get him basically every other weekend now, right?? 
Before we settled our whole deal in mediation I got to spend about 22 hours of awake time with my son... Now that I look back at the whole ordeal it makes me sick.. I lost about a year of my sons life bc someone wanted to be selfish and feel like they didn't get to spend enough time with their son-Might I add, HE was getting to spend about 36 hours of awake time with him!! 
So now that we are settled in mediation, on my weeks where I get him on the weekend- I get to spend about 40 hrs with him and on the weeks where his dad gets him on the weekends I get about 16..... And I would also like to add that I still haven't received a penny of child support- Those of you who know me personally know that I filled for this whole ordeal 15 months ago... I have never seen anything like it!! 
But besides the point, I am very thankful that I have my son in my life, he has for sure changed my life!!
I didn't plan to get pregnant or for me and Brody's dad to seperate... Things happen for a reason... And for that reason we may never know... All I want is for everyone to be happy and for everyone to be happy for everyone... But since Tyler (brody's dad) is going to have to pay me child support he will always hate me... I don't want to be best friends or anything but I would like to not have to feel like there is always a fight to be fought... We weren't happy together so why can't we be happy apart?? Atleast get along for Brody's sake???
That's all for now, hopefully I can get on here a little sooner next time... So I will leave yall with this cute little white butt for now-
Yes I know he is only 2 but he has already starting playing baseball- Hopefully he will play in the major leagues ;)

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  1. Haha! LOVE the pic! Tuff is starting to become interested in baseball too! We've got him a bat, balls and a tee also!

    I'm sorry for your difficulties with Tyler. I can't even begin to imagine. (Hoping I never have too) I will FOR SURE keep you in my prayers. Also, you deserve that child support!!! He is just as much his as he is yours. Meaning he should help out when it comes to money. That really makes me sick!

    As for the sleeping deal, Tuff sleeps with me too! UGH! Can you imagine having another baby on the way with a 2 year old in the bed with you too? Yep, thats my situation. Haha. With Jordan working night shift, its so hard for me to tell him no too. I guess we're suckers. Suckers for our babies. But hey, they wont be babies forever.

    As for Gunner's bedding, Patty Singleton is making it. (Bobby Singleton's mom) She makes all Tuff's holiday outfits/jon-jons and does all his monogramming. We LOVE her!!!!

    Good luck with everything!

    P.S. This is Ashley... For some reason it wouldn't let me post a comment under my google account.