Friday, July 22, 2011


Why is it I let things stress me out so much??
I finally get to see my little Bro man today!!  Ahhhh I have missed him sooooo much!!
Don't look at the mess in my car- I'm gonna blame that on "I've been trying to get consignment stuff together" wink wink..... Even though my car is a mess almost ALWAYS!! (Notice the upside down sippy in between his legs, lol)
Why is it every time I clean my car completely, I always say, "I'm gonna keep it clean this time" and within a couple days it is already a wreck again!!
Being a single parent is an overall stressful situation in itself!
Living paycheck to paycheck is an even more stressful situation... That's why I am turning to the Dave Ramsey plan

I am so tired of worrying about whether I will overdraft before my next check comes in!

I never used to worry about money- I would spend and spend and spend and I would still have money- That was before I started x-ray school- I worked at Sonic and I didn't have as much to pay for then. I have ALOT more things to pay for now- School loans, car loan, house, utilities, daycare, food, gas, insurance, & the list goes on and on and on.....  I know I ain't the only one out there that barely lives paycheck to paycheck.... and overdraft every now and then when you HAVE to... So instead of being stressed out all the time about $$, I am turning to the Dave Ramsey plan... I think I am a very cheap person, if I go somewhere I ALWAYS look for coupons!! Yes I do have a smart phone and pay a little extra for that, but I use it a lot when I am at places- I 
coupons and hand it to the person and be like "here is a 30% off" OHHH YA- Just saved $3 for every $10- so ya I think my 
is worth the money- I really don't know what I would do without it........

So enough about money- It is making me stressed just talking about it lol.......
Trying to lose weight stresses me out as well....... You know it's bad when you can't resist the temptation- It is very sad to say but food is an addiction!!!  It is very hard for me to be in the same room with bad food- For instance, Tony text me wanting some 

....... I was like "please don't make me get em because I know as soon as I get in the car I am gonna have to eat at least 1" Needless to say the oreos were on sale and I opened the package before I could leave Kroger and the 1 turned to 6 before I could even get to the house... Just talking about em right now makes me hungry!! That is horrible...  Oh ya btw, I got the regular stuffed instead of double- wanna know why- because u get more cookies in the package- lol...... 
Brody eats the icing off oreos and gives me the rest of the cookie, just like he eats the icing off cupcakes and gives me the cupcake... or as he calls cupcakes (birthday cakes) lol

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend =) 




  1. Cute, cute, cute! (about the icing) Glad you finally got your baby boy back. I could NOT imagine being without mine for a whole week. :(

  2. i think i need to invest in that book! you are not alone!

  3. They do Story-time Thursday's at 10:30! I had no idea you had a baby! I am always so out of the loop! he is a cutie!